Who’s Going to NTC 2017? Announcing the Winner of the Andrew Kanes Scholarship

For the second year in a row, we are excited to send one nonprofiteer to the NTEN National Tech Conference in Washington, DC.  But first…

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

As an industry, we are all in this to do one thing: create a better world.  We may all have different ideas as to what this world looks like, but we can all agree that there’s room for improvement.

And that is what brings us together for events like this one.  Sadly, we lost one of our own this last year…

Andrew Kanes

Among many other roles, Andrew was a professional services engineer at GetActive software (later Convio) for six years. If you sent or received an email early this century from Human Rights Campaign, the International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, American Diabetes, or hundreds of other organizations making the world a better place…it’s highly likely that Andrew played a role in that message getting out. In addition to being a talented engineer, Andrew was one of the most kind and patient people I have ever worked with. He was a father and husband. Andrew’s motto was “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” My friends who worked with him and I will miss Andrew greatly. We’re creating this scholarship to honor his memory and the work he did to make the world more compassionate.

The greatest steps towards progress all started with one person, and one foot.

Congratulations to Rabbi Alana Suskin.  You will be attending the National Tech Conference this year.  

While chosen at random, we were very excited to learn about her inspiring work, both abroad, and to create a more inclusive America.  In her own words:

In addition to my work towards a 2State solution for Israelis and Palestinians, I’ve also begun working pro-bono to create a task force for Muslims and Jews in my county to respond to hate crimes,  speak to those outside our communities who may not know who and what we are, increase interaction with each other, and increase civic engagement. I would love to know how to use technology most efficiently since we’re doing this with no budget at all. It would help me grow both in my professional role, and help me launch this personal project. At this time when both Israel and the US seem to be on an anti-democratic trajectory, I want to use technology as a wedge against these trends.

If you did not win, we thank you for your submission.  It may not be a whole nonprofit tech conference, but here is a free nonprofit tech guide from our sister-agency, Strength in Members.  We hope you still find it valuable for your organization and your cause.

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