Understand Your Audience

To start, we do a deep analysis of your current audience. We can learn a lot from those who already love you most.

Create A Value Proposition

Next, we create a custom Information Product. Start the conversation with your audience by providing them with something they value.


We use your Google Grant or social media for targeted promotion of your Information Product. This is the bridge to your most valuable supporters.

Convert Value Into Dollars

Welcome these new, or revived, audience members to your organization with context.
By starting the conversation with what they value, they will be much more receptive to your appeals.


About Us

Born out of Strength in Members, we are a team of strategists, designers, engineers, and nonprofiteers. Through our combined experience in software startups, household brands, innovative agencies, and nonprofits, we saw a need for a new type of solution to fill audiences with measurably passionate supporters. And so we built it. We also love puppies.


The team



Peter ensures that clients get our best ideas and the right team. While he has worked with T.G.I. Fridays, Wendy’s, Bluestem Brands, Bose, and prAna, he’s most passionate about the work he’s done for St. Jude, the ASPCA, AARP, and Environmental Defense Fund.



Kim leads the creative process for interactive experiences and translates requirements into mockups and high fidelity prototypes. Her background includes interactive design and branding for small businesses as well as enterprise applications at NBCUniversal. She loves drawing and her favorite animal is the octopus, the cleverest invertebrate.


Product Development

Jamie works to grow the LeadPup brand and find product solutions for clients. He is dedicated to helping those who are building a world we all want to live in. Outside of LeadPup, he helps run a venture fund and chases good dirt, rock, or snow. Before finding nonprofit digital marketing, he led many community initiatives within the Boulder startup community.



Jeff started managing Google AdWords campaigns in 2009, and has been focused on serving nonprofits with Google Ad Grants since 2013. Before getting into online advertising, he earned a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences and performed climate research. He finds it even more rewarding to apply the scientific method to optimizing online advertising campaigns for nonprofits.



Miranda thrives on exceeding client expectations and creating lasting and successful relationships. Her background is in database direct marketing, where she excelled as a Director of Client Services, providing recommendations to US Fund for UNICEF and Natural Resources Defense Council and more. Miranda loves to travel the world, learning new cultures and tasting all of the diverse foods.



Mike is the go-to web engineer for LeadPup. If there’s code involved, there’s a good chance Mike’s made it happen. He was a digital marketer for small businesses and nonprofits for a number of years, so he speaks the language, but finds crushing code a better fit for him these days. He gets noticeably excited when discussing conversion rates, call-to-actions, and user acquisition channels.


Let's Do This


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